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"Your friendly, polite and professional service at a very difficult time for my family and I was so appreciated. You have all gone above and beyond and I can't express just how grateful I am."
"I really can't convey how wonderful you were at what was a very difficult time for my sister and I. Nothing was too much trouble and you took care of everything for us."
"Your craftsmen created something so personal for us – a lasting tribute to someone so special."
"Your staff’s professional and friendly service throughout this difficult time is something that will always be appreciated and remembered."
"Your staff showed sensitivity, unfailing support and utmost dignity and respect."
"We actually looked around for the best place and the best price for what suited us. Once we had seen you, we knew that we were in the best of hands."
"Thank you for your care, kindness and excellent funeral arrangements."
"From the very first phone call, I felt an empathy, warmth and understanding and I could not have wished for a better person to guide me through everything."

Questions & Answers

Is there an age limit or health restrictions?

No – you can purchase a plan at any age and in any state of health, but please see the note on installments below.

Can I pay by installments?

Yes, there are a range of options – please ask for details. It usually costs more to pay for a plan by installments because of the extra administration involved, and if you die before completing all of the installments the funeral will only be part-paid.

What if I die away from home?

We recommend that you take out travel insurance when you go on holiday, especially if you travel abroad, which usually covers bringing you back home if necessary. Or we can quote for the extra cost involved.

What if I move away?

If you move, Funeral Planning Services can transfer your plan to a Funeral Director in that area. Funeral costs do vary from one area to another and you will be advised of any difference in cost at that stage.

Can I buy a plan for someone else?

Yes, please mention this on your application.

We will need the name, address and year of birth of the person to be covered but we will send all correspondence to you.

What if the cost of funerals increases?

The cost of a funeral usually increases each year, but once you have purchased a pre-payment plan the funeral specified will be provided for you when it is needed, without any further charge to you or your family (but please refer to the note on disbursements*).

This is one of the most important benefits and why it has become so popular with our clients in recent years.

Do you pay interest?

No. A guaranteed funeral plan is simply a way of paying in advance for the funeral service.

As the value of the Funeral Planning Trust increases over the years, so the money available to pay the funeral director will increase to compensate for rising costs.

What if I change my mind later?

If you change your mind within the first month of receiving your plan documents you can return them for a full refund – with no questions asked.

If you cancel your plan at a later date, your refund will be subject to an administration charge.

How do I know the money will be safe?

All payments are made directly into Funeral Planning Trust, with professional actuaries and investment managers and an independent custodian trustee.

The accounts of Funeral Planning Trust are monitored annually by independent actuaries and checked by independent auditors. The payment for the funeral can only be withdrawn from Funeral Planning Trust when the service has been provided or if the plan is cancelled.

*Each plan includes a contribution towards other expenses, such as burial or cremation fees, Minister’s fees, etc – these fees are known as “disbursements”. This is intended to cover most, if not all, of the usual disbursements, but please note that they are outside of our control and cannot be guaranteed. The amount included for disbursements will be increased annually in line with the Retail Price Index. You can include a larger (or smaller) contribution towards disbursements if you wish – please ask if you need advice on this point.

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